Quantum Flytrap

Quantum Flytrap

A quantum user interface platform designed for quantum computing to make it an accessible and business-available technology. Learn more

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€945k—1m (Dealroom.co estimates Sep 2021.)
Company register number KRS0000834196
Warsaw Masovian Voivodeship (HQ)



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Total Funding€236k

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Quantum Flytrap is a pioneering startup focused on making quantum computing accessible through intuitive user interfaces. The company operates in the quantum computing market, which is still in its nascent stages but holds immense potential for revolutionizing various industries, including cryptography, material science, and complex system simulations.

Quantum Flytrap's primary offering is an in-browser simulation and visualization tool for quantum mechanics. This tool is designed to be user-friendly, allowing users to drag and drop elements to create quantum experiments. It serves a broad range of clients, including educators, researchers, and students, who can use it to perform advanced quantum measurements and visualize quantum states in real-time. The platform is particularly noted for its educational value, making complex quantum theories more understandable and engaging through gamification.

The company's business model revolves around providing these interactive tools and simulations as a service. They likely generate revenue through subscriptions, licensing their technology to educational institutions, and possibly through partnerships with research organizations. By offering a free-to-use basic version and premium features for advanced users, Quantum Flytrap can cater to both casual learners and professional researchers.

Quantum Flytrap has garnered significant attention and accolades, being cited in numerous academic publications and featured in media outlets like VICE and Boing Boing. It has also been awarded at the Digital Cultures 2020 Festival, highlighting its impact and innovation in the field of quantum education.

In summary, Quantum Flytrap is setting the standard for interaction with quantum systems, making quantum computing more accessible and understandable. Their user-friendly, in-browser tools are transforming how quantum mechanics is taught and researched, positioning them as a key player in the quantum computing revolution.

Keywords: quantum computing, simulation, visualization, education, research, in-browser, user-friendly, gamification, quantum mechanics, interactive tools.